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if a press pass doesn't get you in, Civil Rights Laws will | Los Angeles news

Breeching Inmate’s CAL FIRE Security in the Brush Fire Zones of Los Angeles County.
The Security breech facts: 

Inmates Vs. Free People, what are the reasons why law enforcement controls road closures at a fire when Cal Fire inmates are involved? 

Story editorial + Photo Credits: Baddboyfilms News

When a brush fire breaks out and the Tv News Media is contacted?

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is running the inmate security zone detail to secure the fire zone for the inmates to work in. This is a zone where the law enforcement doesn’t allow privately owned vehicles to enter due to it causes a security breech inside the inmate zone. This zone is a designated area off limits to civilians and sometime News Media too. All private vehicles not labeled as emergency vehicles and not with certain logos are usually not allowed inside the inmate security zones.  

 Inmates are prisoners in custody and therefore while they are the hand-crews who are working on the programs to assist the Firefighters on location of brush fires , the Sheriff Deputies responsibilities are to keep that inmate zone free and clear of outsiders, civilians and personal vehicles which pose a threat to the inmate security zones safety.  This threat could be that the Law enforcement doesn’t know what is inside the privately owned vehicles, could be guns, weapons, bombs, or things that could help with an inmate escape. 

No inmates are allowed to converse with free civilians. Likewise, no civilians are allowed to talk to the inmates (but you cannot get arrested for talking to inmates). The rules are simple and inmates working on site of a brush fire, the Deputy Sheriff in-charge is to over-see that these rules are carefully followed to keep the safety and security of the institution safe and free from harm from or to either parties on both sides, the free world and the prison world and thus the job is a secure one. The law enforcement Deputy can face disciplinary action if they violated any of their own rules. 

They allow Media people in upon these terms, you get your photos and you leave quickly. (No hanging out). News Media usually parks their private vehicles way down the roads and not very close to where the inmates are working because they know that those are criminals and they cannot be in contact with private vehicles. 

When News Media is involved, they are allowed into this breech of security sometimes. Buy during the time they are, usually they cannot hang-out long. The Media are only allowed to get their shots and leave, no hanging out. 

That’s how the Sheriff Deputies are. They know we have a story to tell. Our stories help them get paid and they know this. Without the Media telling the stories, the Government has no real way of proving they paid them for their jobs they charged the government for. 

Media prove they were on scene and doing what they billed the state and local Government agencies for. Therefore, our Media Tv News gathering jobs are for the Firefighters, Local Law Enforcement and to help the civilians who cannot get in past fire lines to see what they wanted to see because they were stopped at the closed road by the Sheriff or C.H.P. and we, as News Tv Stringers, can and will bring what you all missed out on at that closed road, without violation the security of inmates and breeching the safety of those prison zones because we know what that consists of. 

Not many Tv News Stringers know what the breech involves unless they were able in this lifetime to experience both sides of the two real worlds first hand! You cannot possibly know how things work unless you experienced them first hand and get a full perspective of all points involved, yourself, with your own presents there living it. 

It’s like the mop up operations with Cal Fire inmates on the Calabasas Stokes Brush Fire on  June 29, 2017 Thursday afternoon when Cal Fire inmates arrived to battle to flames up a canyon near to Malibu Canyon Road at Mulholland. This was considered a Secure Cal Fire inmate works zone . The Sheriff allowed Tv News Media Services into breeching these barriers anyway but sometime you outstay your welcome and they do ask you to leave, even Tv News they will ask to leave. It is all about their inmate zone. Nothing personal. 

Same as the Cal Fire inmates working on the June 25, 2107  Placerita Fire, 3rd alarm Brush fire that burned for more than 3 days and consumed more than 859+ acres of land near the 14 Freeway when it started after a car slammed into a tree and burst into flames, catching the grass of dry brush on fire . Minutes later, the flames were out of control and the County Fire Department set up a emergency evacuation for local homeowners , 80 homes evacuated in the fire’s danger zone. This zone was also an inmate security Cal Fire zone, not to be breeched by Civilians and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies responded to close down the f14 freeway to Palmdale, CA. and to block the freeway exits and roads near the fire where Cal Fire inmates were deployed. The inmate security zones are very serious to Local Law enforcement. It’s not a game. 

You do not need a Press-Pass to be working in the Tv News Media. It states that on the Police, L.A.P.D. Commissions website. You do need to hold a valid Tax I.D. and IRS Gross Receipts account. 

CAL FIRE Inmate Prisoner Fire Camp, Levels 1 & 2 prisons California Department of Corrections. Board of Prison Terms inmates custody level Classification Committee. Refer to the C.D.C. inmate handbook inmate Classification rules and Points system on the California Department of Corrections website for further information about inmates and Cal Fire security zones, you might find your research on their Cal Fire website.