Saturday, July 1, 2017

CAL FIRE UPDATE: Topanga Cyn. Blvd. Brush Fire, near Pacific Coast Highway...

BREAKING NEWS: 32 Acres have burned and still hot spots continue to keep Firefighters working towards containment since Thursday June 29, 2017 when this 3rd alarm brush fire in the canyon broke out all over the Tv news. 

Fire officials said there is no word on what caused the fire and that the arson detectives are still investigation a possible fire starter or it might of started naturally. There is lots of raw glass shrouds from year of bottles being tossed into this canyon and that might of been what caused the fire. 

Editorial News Photo and Raw Footage Credits: Michael Hussein @Baddboyfilms News, Tv News Services in the City of L.A.

The Los Angeles County deployed more than 200 Firefighters and 150 Firefighters from other agencies like Ventura County Fire Department and Cal Fire inmates to battle this fire before it got too out-of-control. 

The Fire Chief told Baddboyfilms News that if it wasn't for Cal Fire inmates on Fire camp crews by California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitations, this fire would of been a lot larger and the town inside the canyon (Topanga, CA.) would of been a total loss. 
There , inside the canyon is a little town, Population of about 8,289 and you can find more information on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Listed under: Topanga, California

California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation sent in their "Fire-Ants" which are inmates who volunteered to work as Firefighters battling brush fire for the state of California in exchange for time off their prison sentences. 

"These inmates climbed a 400ft mountain carrying chain saws, shoves, fat fire hoses and fire retardant clothing, heavy gear without hesitation. Men and Women and they really deserve all of the credit"!

...said a Battalion Chief of the location on site of this raging fire Friday.

"If it wasn't for these courageous inmates with Cal Fire, out whole town of Topanga, Ca. would of went up in smoke"! To think about all the lives we would have lost on that day in history"? 

Raw scene footage / Live news action

Baddboyfilms News

Calabasas News: Topanga Brush Fire, Off PCH from Malibu, Ca. 

Cal Fire inmates are the best program to help all Fire Departments in California. 

The Cal Fire program works both ways, for the inmates and for the free civilians in need of help in a situation they themselves cannot control. Valued the inmates.

Not criminal, just good people who made some past errors and are wanting some redemption and trust while they work to re-enter society as free-loved people again, respected again , who after they pass their training can walk this free world and be respected again after earning the right to be trusted again.

No one should disrespect ex-felons just because they are ex-felons for any crimes.

They made it through a system designed for their particular crime charged and they did it like you cannot.

They did it and they should at least be respected for staying alive and not becoming a quitter. Most people in the free-world, they do not understand life behind an inmate's eyes. It's not just all about respect, it's more than that.

Goldstein Investigation: Did LA County Go Easy On 2 Firefighters Accused In Horrific Assault?

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Monday, September 18, 2017

WEST HILLS | A Wild Fire Rips through a house in a residential neighborhood

September 18, 2017 at 18:00 hours a back house on the residence of 7000 block of Vicky ave. West Hills, Ca.  Credits: Baddboyfilms News (Mike Amiri) a Media Photographer

A West Hills House Inferno had LA Firefighters racing the clock to save the neighboring homes

Baddboyfilms News

Fire season related map: 
3811-3923 S Topanga Canyon Blvd, Malibu, CA 90265, USA