Thursday, July 26, 2018

LAPD Police car crash | Canoga Park | Raw Footage - News

  A three car traffic accident , involving 1 Police cruiser and two other civilian cars . 


The two civilian driver’s injuries were unknown. The black & white Los Angeles Police car suffered violent damages when the driver had lost control of his Police uint and skidded to a crashing end up into the traffic light street pole containing the cross walk button for pedestrians in the crosswalk / intersection of Westfield Pl. along the 22000 block of Victory Bl. in Canoga Park today.
 It all happened in the east bound lanes and all ended up in the west bound lanes . The cause of this crash is still unclear - Police said they are still investigating due to civilians being involved.

Raw Footage:

The Police officers who were inside the patrol unit when it crashed were both rushed to the nearest Hospital.

Fox11 Los Angeles news reporter told us over a private phone call, the two officers / patients had not sustained any real injuries said hospital ER nurse,  to log this in as an injured Police officer involved traffic collision.

 The 2 Police officer’s airbags and side airbags inside their Police patrol unit all had extended on impact of the pole. 

On scene handling the transport was Los Angeles city Fire E72, RA 72, EM15, RA828, originated timeout: 12:44pm, Canoga Park, Westfield @Topanga, Baddboyfilms News, Los Angeles, News

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Baddboyfilms News: July 26, 2018 1:10pm / Canoga Park / Raw Footage